Welcome to Canadian Divorces.  We are a web community who are committed to empowering people by providing support and information through their divorce.  

The divorce system in Canada is very complicated and there are not a lot places to get information and support to help the average person.  For most people they haven’t even thought about a divorce or how it may affect their lives, however more than 40% of marriages in Canada end in divorce.  When a couple decides to get a divorce this can usually lead to confusion, worry, anger, depression, and wonder, for the people who suddenly find themselves in this situation.  This is the point where most people ask themselves, “What do I do know?”.

The first step most people take is to see a lawyer and before they know it they are caught up in the costly legal process of a divorce.  Divorces are one of the most expensive experiences a person can have in their life which can have long lasting and devastating consequences financially, physically, and emotionally.   Even the simplest of divorces can cost a person and a complicated or “High Conflict” divorce can be devastating.  

The financial impact of a divorce on a family can be staggering.  The costs of lawyers can be in the 10’s of thousands of dollars and even higher than $100,000.  Assets, property, and net worth, which is so important to a persons life, can be destroyed and people can be left with nothing.

A divorce has a physical cost related to it as well.  There is going to be a lot of stress when dealing with the divorce and it has been proven to lead to a number of ailments which affect a persons health.  Without proper management a divorce can lead to physical problems that are long lasting.

Emotionally a divorce takes its biggest toll because it affects everyone involved with the family.  Its emotional reach extends not only to the couple but also to the couples children, family, friends, and neighbors.  Everyone who is associated with the couple will feel its affects one way or another.

Most people have not thought about divorce, planned for a divorce, or figured they would get divorced, but it does happen.  Having the right information, proper planning, organization, and support is crucial to a successful divorce.

This website and community is for informational and entertainment purposes only.   It by no means is meant to be legal advice and a person should seek the help of a lawyer if they believe that legal advice is required.  The information on this site is for the use of someone who has questions about divorce but couldn’t find the answers.  Canadian Divorces is a website that is not sponsored by any lawyers, law offices, counsellors, or anyone in a legal sense.   This website and community was designed due to the need for the average person to be able to get answers to their questions and seek help from their peers. The website was developed due to the lack of information on the subject by someone who has gone through and is still going through the legal process of divorce.  This website is meant to help those who have no idea about the legal-system and divorce in Canada.  This website is about people helping people.

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